International Research Conference

Uppsala University, Department of Education, Blåsenhus 24-25 May 2018


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Scientific Communication and Gatekeeping in Academia in the 21st Century

International research conference:
Uppsala University, Department of Education, Blåsenhus 24-25 May 2018

Scientific communication and peer review have for long been at the heart of science as a practice, and they are of great importance to the scientific community as a whole. During the last decades, higher education institutions worldwide have experienced changes in the governance of research and education. With changing circumstances, peer review has been employed more frequently and its purposes, forms and functions have become more diversified. This is demonstrated in the global emergence of the “quality movement” and the quest for excellence in reviews, audits and evaluations of research units and educational programs as well as of scholars and their manuscripts/publications and applications for funding. Peer review is also used in recruitment and the promotion of scholars.

In this conference, we will explore, theorize, and compare peer review as a form of gatekeeping in academia. The conference offers an opportunity for scholars from different parts of the world to come together and share, compare and challenge understandings of peer review. The aim of the conference is to create a site in which we can initiate and advance theoretical knowledge through comparative research on peer review in different practices and in international, national and institutional contexts.

The following keynotes speakers will present. Michèle Lamont, Harvard University (USA), Marieke van den Brink, Radboud University (Netherlands), Raf Vanderstraeten, Ghent University (Belgium), Don F. Westerheijden University of Twente, Enschede (Netherlands), Eva Forsberg, Uppsala University (Sweden) and Lars Geschwind, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden).

We invite international scholars to present empirical and theoretical studies on scientific communication and gatekeeping in different national contexts at the conference’s paper sessions

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The conference organization committee:
The conference is organized by the research groups Studies in Educational Policy and Philosophy (STEP) at Uppsala University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Engineering Education Policy and Management

Professor Eva Forsberg, Uppsala University
Associate professor Lars Geschwind, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Associate professor Wieland Wermke, Uppsala University