International Research Conference

Uppsala University, Department of Education, Blåsenhus 9-10 June 2022


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Differentiation renaissance: revisiting a powerful and multilayered concept of education

International research conference:
Uppsala University, Department of Education, Blåsenhus 9-10 June 2022

The aim of this conference is to analyze and discuss differentiation in the realm of education. In particular, the umbrella term differentiation and associated concepts will be explored using various perspectives. Overall, differentiation refers to processes of divisions and clarifying of boundaries. The conference is organized around three key themes:

  • Differentiation and education systems
  • Differentiation and professional organizations
  • Differentiation and inter/national comparisons

As a common thread through these themes runs an interest in issues related to the message systems of education, that is curriculum, pedagogy or evaluation. Traces of differentiation processes and their consequences will be illuminated employing various empirical foci related to the key themes, the message systems and for example various education forms such as compulsory education, special education and higher education as well as transfer within education and between education and working life.

The organization of the gathering is a continuation of a tradition of small-scale conferences with only invited guest in order to establish transdisciplinary dialogue and meeting places. Invited keynotes are, among others, Vera Moser, professor of inclusive education at University Frankfurt am Main, Barbara Schulte, professor of comparative education at Vienna University, Raf Vanderstraeten, professor of the sociology of science at Gent University.

The conference is co-organised by the research groups STEP (Studies in Educational Policy and Educational Philosophy) at Uppsala University and HEOS (Higher Education Organization Studies) at KTH. The conference committee comprises the project leader docent of Education and associate professor of special education Wieland Wermke, Stockholm university and Uppsala university and the heads of the research groups, professor of Education Eva Forsberg, STEP and professor in Engineering Education, Policy and Management Lars Geschwind, HEOS.

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